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Notice About Door-to-Door Solar Soliciting

The Virginia Distributed Solar Alliance (VA-DSA) promotes community, industry, and legislative driven solutions that ensure the benefits of distributed generation (DG) solar are accessible to all Virginians. We believe that all legal and honest practices of selling DG solar arrays to homeowners and businesses should be encouraged throughout Virginia.

However, the misappropriation of a reputable organization’s name should not be used to assist in the sale of DG solar equipment or services. To this end, we are reposting a blog from the Virginia Renewable Energy Alliance (VA-REA) regarding recent incidents of the non-sanctioned use of their name in the sale of door-to-door solar photovoltaic equipment and home solar assessments.

For the sake of the integrity of Virginia’s solar industry, we ask that all misrepresentation of VA-REA be reported immediately to VA-REA staff and to local law enforcement. Please provide any information that may assist in locating these individuals, including name, license plate number, address, vehicle type, etc.

Statement on Door-to-Door Solar Soliciting

The Virginia Renewable Energy Alliance (VA-REA) is a 501c6 nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing renewable energy in Virginia through networking, collaboration, and educational events. VA-REA does not engage in the door-to-door selling of solar photovoltaic equipment or home solar assessments.

We have recently received numerous reports of individuals falsely representing VA-REA while attempting to sell solar equipment and/or home solar assessments. All such incidents have occurred without the consent or involvement of VA-REA, its staff, or its Board of Directors.

We believe falsely representing our organization is harmful to the homeowner being solicited and taints the reputation of Virginia’s entire renewable energy industry. We call on the impersonators to desist immediately.

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